Collaborative Natural Health Partners

Collaborative Natural Health Partners

Setting the Standard for Integrative Medical Care

by Nicole Miale

When she was young, Dr. Lauren Young, founder and Clinical Director at Collaborative Natural Health Partners, watched her mother struggle to manage multiple sclerosis (MS). What she witnessed inspired her to become a physician and support other people as they navigated their healthcare options.

Just a few months away from celebrating the eighth anniversary of establishing what has now become a gold standard integrative medical practice, Young and her partners have succeeded in creating a unique environment where patients receive comprehensive care using all available means.


“We don’t just treat diseases,” says Young, who specializes in oncology and the treatment of autoimmune disorders. “The doctors here work together as an integrative team to optimize care, offering patients lifestyle options and other modalities as appropriate. We prefer a proactive approach to medicine, rather than a reactive one.”

At their expanded office in Manchester, the experienced team of physicians practices the highest level of conventional and natural medicine. They explore and manage aspects of each individual patient’s biochemical and hormonal needs as well as supporting their emotional and mental health. “We always meet people where they’re at,” says Ashley Burkman, ND, who was the first physician to join the practice and has been working with Young since 2012. Together ever since, they have now attracted and assembled a group of clinicians with diverse skill sets and specialties who appreciate collaboration with their colleagues.

“We cultivate positive, empowering relationships,” Burkman explains. “That’s why we attract great doctors and they stay with us. We’re very intentionally building a center of excellence, a community resource where people come to be heard, seen and supported. This was Lauren’s dream and it is happening.”

A busy, high-volume practice, Collaborative Natural Health Partners offers patients the opportunity to visit naturopathic physicians and osteopathic physicians, who serve as primary care doctors, as well as a nurse practitioner with a women’s health specialty and, as of May, a registered nurse who will be tasked with managing a vitamin and nutrient infusion center. Each of the clinicians has a particular specialty or area of interest, but Burkman—whose specialty is resolving serious gastrointestinal illness and microbiome imbalance—says multiple practitioners may be involved in one patient’s care as indicated by the situation. The doctors present grand rounds cases to each other on a regular basis and opened their community room to invite other local physicians to participate in that process as well. Burkman says they are planning to hold more community grand rounds later this year.

“We are a team that supports and empowers everyone who comes through the door, regardless of what they need,” Burkman says. “There is always some way we can help, even if it’s just listening or helping someone understand their options when they’ve been given a serious diagnosis.”

The result of this approach is that the team sees patients ranging in age from 2 days to 96 years with a spectrum of needs, from acute infections and chronic illness to routine gynecological exams, pediatric wellness visits, hormone testing and management, food allergy testing, and natural infertility treatments. The practice is included in most insurance plans, and the physicians are involved with several area hospitals.

The clinic’s doctors use modalities including acupuncture,
Bowen Therapy, craniosacral therapy, osteopathic manipulation, customized botanical medicine, nutrigenomic analysis, nutrition
and more; they are always researching and adding more options, Burkman says. Daily meetings ensure in-house coordination of care, as do an office intranet and a top-notch office staff. The group practice also allows the physicians more time with patients; a typical first visit lasts up to 60 minutes and a routine follow-up is 30 minutes.

A major office expansion and move was completed last year but Burkman says they’re already thinking beyond the current walls—where construction on a lab is about to begin. They are contemplating what it might be like to open satellite offices, perhaps in West Hartford or other parts of Connecticut.

“We’ve had a few years of major growth,” she says, “so you’d think we’d just want to relax for a while, but that’s not really how we work. It has been so much fun getting to this point and we don’t feel the need to stop here. Everything we begin to dream about has been manifesting. It is just amazing.”

Burkman says both she and Young have been accused of having a depth of “grit” that keeps the practice humming and evolving. “If one of us has an idea and the other hesitates, we say,

‘But it’ll be so much fun!’ And so far it really has, so it’s hard to argue,” she says with a laugh.

For more information or to make an appointment, call 860-533-0179 or visit Location: 315 East Center St, Manchester. See ad, back cover.

Nicole Miale is Publisher of Natural Awakenings of Greater Hartford and Fairfield/Housatonic Valley, CT. Connect with her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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