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Taoist Healing Arts Day Retreat in West Hartford

Taoist Healing Arts Day Retreat in West Hartford

On Saturday, August 20, the Wu Healing Center and SunDo Mountain Taoism will host a one-day healing retreat featuring both Chinese and Korean Taoist healing practices from 8:30am-6:30pm. The retreat will offer workshops that address the “physical, emotional, and mental dimensions of healing, and foster our innate potential to heal ourselves and help others,” according to Dr. Ming Wu, a tai chi and qi gong master and the director of Wu Healing Center.

“The workshops are for mental and physical wellbeing,” said Dr. Wu. “They present two different cultures and their approach to Taoist healing — the tai chi and qi gong practices of China and the SunDo-Taoist yoga and meditation practice of Korea. Through breath and movement, both arts develop internal Qi energy for body and mind unity.”

This retreat is for anyone interested in how Qi energy cultivation improves health and opens the way toward a more enlightened life. Workshops include Taoist Yoga Foundational Exercises, Principles of Qi Gong, Taoist Five Element Healing, Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, Breath Meditation, and an Introduction to Taoist Chanting and Healing Sounds.

In the SunDo-Taoist practice, Qi energy is cultivated in the lower tan dien, or second navel chakra, through rhythmic breath meditation. The benefits of this breathing are numerous, including increased oxygen circulation to the cells, better internal organ functioning, regulation of the endocrine glands, improved emotional health, and sharper mental clarity. SunDo-Taoist Master Hyunmoon Kim states, “These healing arts are especially helpful to holistic health practitioners because they provide a way to first heal ourselves so we can then help others to heal.”

Taoist Healing Arts Day Retreat is being held at the 45 South Main Street Building in both the Wu Healing and SunDo Mountain Taoist Center. The retreat also features a Korean-style lunch buffet made by SunDo instructors and a Cooking with Qi Class & Dinner with Dr. Wu.

Cost for the entire retreat is $60 for the day, or bring a friend for the whole day and pay just $45 each. Guests may also register for a half-day: the morning program is $25 and the afternoon program is $35 per person. Register at 860.523.5260 or [email protected]

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