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The ATMA Center Opens in West Hartford!

The ATMA Center Opens in West Hartford!

The ATMA Center, an urban retreat center, is a dream come true for three spiritual friends. Co-founders are Fal Patel and Anjali DeSai of The DeSai Group, along with Robin Clare, founder of Enlightened Professionals, a spiritual and wellness promotion company. The ATMA Center is designed to provide unique programming for personal growth and professional development. Customers range in age from young adults to seniors.  

“We have an on-site Wellness Center staffed by highly trained wellness professionals. Workshops and offerings at The ATMA Center will range from Abundance to Yoga, and everything in between, to assist you in manifesting your best life both at home and at work,” said Fal Patel.

“When folks inquire about the name ATMA, we are proud to explain that the word, Atma means higher self in the eastern philosophy,” said Robin Clare. “We have furthered defined ATMA into four attributes: Awaken the Heart, Transform Limiting Beliefs, Manifest an Authentic Life and Ascend to One’s Highest Potential. Our programs will enable our customers to enhance one or more of the ATMA attributes.”

The ATMA Center is located at 199 Oakwood Avenue in West Hartford. The DeSai family has owned and utilized the building for 25 years. Jatin DeSai, founder of the DeSai Group, said, “Our goal is to become a beacon of light in the greater Hartford area for a full service approach to enhancing wellness and spiritual growth in your personal and professional life. When we are living a life of pure service, we will no longer be able to distinguish between our personal and professional lives – all will merge into our one authentic life.”

To inquire about having an event at The ATMA Center, to book appointments with our gifted practitioners, or to buy tickets to our events, go to or call 860-206-9822.
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