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Celebrate Taoist Healing Arts

Celebrate Taoist Healing Arts

SunDo Mountain Taoism and Wu Healing Center are hosting a big lineup of speakers, exhibits, and demonstrations for the annual Taoist Healing Arts Fair on January 29 at the West Hartford Town Hall Auditorium & Conference Center.

Attendees can experience the benefits of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Tui Na, Taoist Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and many other healing modalities at this one-day conference designed specifically for holistic health students and professionals, and those interested in learning more about Asian culture.
The Taoist Healing Arts Fair’s grand finale is a 2012 Year of the Dragon Dance Performance by members of the Asian Performing Arts Group. Demonstrations also include a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, Feng Shui Bagua, Kung Fu, sound healing, pendulum dowsing, and more. Live performances of the guzheng, a traditional Chinese string instrument, and an art exhibition will take place throughout the day.

Workshops will include :

2pm - Change your Breath, Change your Health – Taoist yoga instructor and respiratory therapist, Eunmi Han, explores meditative breathing, health, and vitality.

3pm – Natural Breathing: The Taoist Way of Enlightenment –Taoist Master Hyunmoon Kim explains how Taoist breathwork improves emotional health and leads toward our spiritual dimension.

4pm – Tui Na Massage for Family and Friends – Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ming Wu, teaches basic Tui Na hand techniques to give effective massage to others.

5pm – Qi Gong for Healthy Weight Loss – Teacher Erik Harris shows how Pi Gucan can shrink the stomach to prevent hunger and stop food addictions for effective weight management.

6pm - Common Cures & Chinese Herbs - Chinese Herbalist Laura Mignosa teaches herbal equivalents to many over-the-counter drugs to treat common disharmonies.

7pm - The Tao of Diet: Restorative Nutrition - Lisl Meredith Huebner (Herbalisl) explains how to introduce nutritive herbs into meals for better health in every season.

Cost to attend including all workshops is $20-25 through online registration or $30 at the door. Persons interested in attending the event should visit for more information and registration. Interested exhibitors or vendors can also apply.
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