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Sow Fresh Organics Delivers

Each Thursday, Kedhar and Karen Thiruvalam, husband and wife owners of newly opened Sow Fresh Organics in Middletown, bring fresh, organic produce, meats, and dairy straight from local farms around Connecticut directly to customers’ doorsteps. They work with more than a dozen small farms to bring locally grown harvests to the homes of people that might not otherwise have known about these farms.

“We saw a need to help connect the smaller farms with people who either don’t know about the farm, or can’t feasibly travel to the farms each week,” says Karen Thiruvalam.

Sow Fresh Organics opened its ‘doors’ on June 28 and has received a warm welcome from members of the community, farmers and customers. The business model is similar to the newly popular CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm program, but with a twist. Customers can choose from three produce boxes on the website: fruit, vegetables, or a fruit and vegetable mixed box. Each comes in varying sizes. Unlike the CSA model, customers do not pay a whole crop share in advance, there is no membership requirement and customers are encouraged to order as frequently as they wish.

To promote “green thinking,” Sow Fresh Organics developed a Neighborhood Co-op Program, which offers free delivery if people reach out to three others (neighbors, friends and family) and agree to have all four deliveries brought to a single address.

“Our Neighborhood Co-op program helps save us fuel cost and auto expenses and reduces emissions into the environment,” explains Karen Thiruvalam.

For more information about Sow Fresh Organics, contact Karen Thiruvalam at 860.788.2101 or visit
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