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Natural Awakenings Hartford

Happy National Yoga Month!

This month, Natural Awakenings is working with local health and wellness providers to bring you Awakenings 2012, an event intended to raise awareness of holistic practices through free sessions or classes. Check out our Awakenings 2012 Event Listing (pg XX) for a list of free offerings in your area.

A national call for cover art submissions went out for August and September and we were blown away by what came in. It was difficult to choose, but our choice was the most striking and interesting piece to us out of many gorgeous pieces; we hope you enjoy it. Thanks to all the artists and photographers who submitted work, and take heart, we still have many covers to print!

The season seems to be changing already, with a hint of fall in the air. We have a stack of new school supplies to supplement those that we are reusing from years past. The kids sometimes still complain when we ask them to reuse last year’s backpack, but they are becoming more conscientious about getting the full life out of things and how much things cost. We love the article Making Allowances (pg XX) and practice many of the suggestions already. After years of working to break the entitlement our children exuded, we are happy to see them becoming young entrepreneurs as they search for ways to earn the income they need to realize their dreams (well, at least their shopping list).

This month’s Conscious Eating article, Banishing Wheat Belly, (pg XX) is especially noteworthy for Shawn. Two months ago, he read the preview of this article and then altered his diet to eliminate most wheat foods and focused more on seeds, raw nuts, fruits and vegetables, as the article recommends. After only two months, he is beginning to see many of the amazing results discussed in the article. It was hard to change and create new habits at first, but now Shawn reaches for healthy alternatives that don’t have the high glycemic index delivered by the genetically modified wheat used in most of our foods today.

In his journey, Shawn also eliminated most meat and dairy and now finds that his shopping trips are much easier as he only has to visit the fruit and produce section. We have all fallen in love with our local farmer who lives just a mile away. We have been provided with fresh tomatoes, peaches, blueberries and more every day. Now we have a dilemma. With the growing season ending soon, how do we keep getting that delicious, whole, fresh food coming? Once you’ve eaten fresh peaches off the tree for most of the summer, grocery store peaches can’t compete!

We’ll see what we learn as the growing season comes to a close and will share our discoveries with you.

Naturally Yours,

Shawn and Ela
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