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Natural Awakenings Hartford

Letter from the Publisher

Dear Readers,

Happy Fall! We hope you all enjoyed the free health and wellness events from our Awakenings Month in September.  If so, drop us an email at [email protected] and let us know what you experienced.

This month’s issue is all about the environment with articles on wildlife, environmental protection efforts and recycling.  “Threatened Species Rebound” (page XX) gives a brief report on the resurgence of many of the most endangered animals.  I can vouch for the American Bald Eagle. A group of students I work with were on the Farmington River in Collinsville on paddle boards during the evening when a Bald Eagle swooped down over the river and snatched a fish out of the water right in front of them. They were so excited that they are still talking about the experience and how beautiful the eagle was.

October is also National Spinal Health Month in in recognition of this important topic, we’ve included a special article, “Chiropractic Care – Help for Common Complaints” (page xx). Since we’ve never been treated by a chiropractor, this article did much to explain what chiropractors do and how it can help.

And the wonderful Healthy Kid’s articles keep coming with a new article on the power of setting examples for our children in “Children Follow Adult Examples” (page XX). Last month, we wrote about how we’ve been working to teach our kids to be entrepreneurial, responsible, to manage money and reduce consumption.  We’re happy to report that one of our 13-year olds has just started his own business stringing lacrosse heads and has already made his first sale. And all four of our kids have begun seeking ways to earn the money they need by working in various capacities at or near home.

And finally, as we head into the polls in November, if you haven’t gotten into the Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) food labeling debate, now is the time to join.  GMO labeling legislation is being knocked down by big business in many states but California citizens are still in a legislative battle for their health and ultimately, maybe for ours.  They’ve put this on their ballots with Proposition 37 and it goes to the voters in November.  See “Food Fight – No More Hidden GMO’s” (page XX) to learn more and how you can support this legislation.   If this proposition is passed in California, it stands to reason that economics and manufacturing efficiencies will cause food suppliers to use the GMO labeling in all products shipped to the US.

Naturally Yours,

Shawn and Ela
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