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Tree of Healing - by Beth Davis

Joanne M. Panciera, owner of Tree of Healing, has been committed to assisting and guiding individuals to a higher level of understanding and wellness for more than 30 years. She supports her clients’ personal health and spiritual growth through a combination of holistic healing modalities that focus on mind, body and spirit, including Reiki, clairvoyant readings, hypnosis and spiritual healing.

“Reiki healing work, for example, helps me to see what is going on emotionally and spiritually,” she says. “Once I am able to channel that, I have a better understanding why they are experiencing issues on a physical level. I then give them the tools to alleviate the emotional and physical pain.”

One of the most important aspects of her practice is the empowerment of self-love: connecting individuals to their own “magnificence,” so that he or she can love and accept who they are. In doing so, this empowerment of self-love brings deeper truth and lasting harmony into all aspects of one’s life, which, in turn, improves health and vitality, along with greater trust, intimacy and fulfillment in relationships.

Through workshops and classes, Panciera teaches people to trust their own instincts and to connect with their authentic self. They become more positive and optimistic, realizing they are on the right path. For her, witnessing that transformation is the best part of her work. “I teach from the heart and I’m very passionate, so when I see their transformation, I know that I am doing exactly what I’m meant to be doing.”

Tree of Healing, 2317 Silas Deane Hwy, Rocky Hill. For more information, call 860-529-6601 or visit
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