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McBride Hair Replacement and Salon Services

At McBride Hair Replacement and Salon Services, in West Hartford, owner Donyelle McBride is dedicated to offering the highest quality hair restoration and replacement programs for men and women. A licensed cosmetologist with 16 years of experience, McBride noticed many of her clients had started losing their hair, but had no solutions. She took some advanced classes to become a trichologist, a practitioner in the scientific study and treatment of hair and scalp disorders and aliments. Her goal was to be proactive; to recognize and identify the conditions and causes of hair loss. For the past six years, she has done exactly that—helping countless patients gain a renewed sense of self-confidence by customizing treatment programs based on specific needs.

McBride Hair Restoration (MHR) offers a multi-therapeutic approach using scientifically proven laser therapy, electrotherapy, hair restoration products developed by physicians and even basic meal plans to ensure proper nutrients are entering the body. MHR consultants work with clients’ physicians, dermatologists or stylists to select the hair restoration program best suited for each individual.

For McBride, the smiles she sees on the faces of clients is beyond rewarding. “These men, women and children are often going through something difficult—whether it’s cancer, alopecia or any medical hair loss,” she said. “If we can make them feel better and lift their spirits, then we are doing our job.”

For more information, call 860-985-2081 or visit
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