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Yoga Teacher Training in Wethersfield

Yoga Teacher Training in Wethersfield

by Jackie Welsh

Yoga teacher training is a focused opportunity to deepen your practice and develop a meaningful approach to sharing yoga with others. River Rock Yoga and Wellness Center is making this path available to students with a 200-hour teacher training beginning in February and continuing one weekend a month through November. Over the course of the 10-month commitment, instructors Sandy Byrne and Sharon Shanti Danio will bring their unique styles to the training of teachers.

“The space is a welcoming and dynamic setting to explore yoga and send it back out into the world,” says Byrne. “This ripple effect…we never really know the effects we have on others and how far our ripples will go.”

Byrne says her previous work as a gymnast and coach had determined a certain relationship with her body that left her curious and a little skeptical about what yoga might be like.

“I was pulled to explore yoga, but I came into it with trepidation of anything beyond a physical practice,” recalls Byrne. “After a few months of a regular practice, I discovered that the benefits of yoga reached far beyond the physical body.”  

Byrne left yoga for some time while her children were small and life presented various challenges, noting, “crisis can be our undoing, but it can also open us up to what comes next—if we shift.” When she returned to yoga, she moved from a regular practice to teacher training. She also added massage therapy to her knowledge of the relationship between anatomy, asana, and the energy body.

As a studio owner, Byrne is still fascinated by the layers of intelligence in a well-rounded yoga practice.

“The spark for me is in the connectivity, in understanding how the physical, spiritual and energetic can be accessed and how each helps support and reveal the others,” Byrne says. “This yearning for more, as well as a desire to share what I continue to discover, lead first to the opening of my studio and now the new 200-hour teacher training. Anyone with a similar desire to explore the practice and teaching of yoga will find Sharon Danio and me eager to teach them.”

For more information, contact River Rock Yoga at 860-757-3339 or
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