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Losing the Belly Fat

It comes as no surprise to those who have tried to get rid of it, but belly fat is different than other fat.

Belly fat is formed when the body has been under stress. According to Roberta Kline, MD, stress causes the body to produce cortisol, which is a hormone that helps with “fight or flight.” With chronic stress, cortisol continues to be created and unused (no fight or flight situation exists). This can result in high blood sugar, an overactive immune system, or an imbalance in hormones. These situations can all cause belly fat.

“Often, food sensitivities result from our immune system overreacting, and these put further stress on our system,” says Dr. Kline, adding, “When we eat in a hurry, we are sending out more stress signals, and our bodies don’t digest the food well, nutrients aren’t absorbed and we perpetuate the cycle.”

Dr. Kline recommends two simple fixes:

1.    Eat mindfully: Slow down! Savor the smells while preparing food. Sit at the table without distractions. Take three deep breaths before picking up the fork. Focus on taste and texture, and chew slowly. Enjoy nourishing your body.

2.    Eliminate problem foods. The most common are wheat, dairy, eggs, and corn. Listen to your body, it will guide you.

For more information, contact Roberta L. Kline, MD, Integrative Women’s Health, Glastonbury. 860-430-9097. [email protected] See workshop calendar for "Lose Your Belly Fat" three part series.

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