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A Move for Wellspring Health

Wellspring Health is proud to announce it has joined the office of Roberta Kline MD, EMT in Glastonbury.

Eliane Provencher, owner of Wellspring Health, is a Board Certified Natural Health Practitioner offering guided nutrition with holistic values in a nonjudgmental, friendly and caring environment. “Customized wellness programs are utilized with the individual in mind,” says Provencher. “By observing their personal health concerns, their comfort level, along with their physical and emotional body, optimized health can occur.”

Wellspring Health offers nutritional support to those with obesity related disorders and is the only Connecticut location licensed with Bariatric Support Center International, offering nutritional support for pre- and post-operative Bariatric patients.

Nutritional detoxification is another offering at Wellspring, which is an option for those who are interested in a whole body cleanse.

“Our motto is to do the body no harm, but to offer it the care and support that it needs to be well,” says Provencher. “We do this with the support of M’lis Nutritional Programs and Supplementation.”

Wellspring Health and Office of Roberta Kline, MD, EMT, 447 Naubuc Ave, Ste 112, Glastonbury. Call to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Wellspring Health at 860-888-8613.
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