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Taoist Fair: A Buffet of Spiritual Dishes (or Learn and Celebrate!)

Natural Awakenings sat down with Dr. Wu (DW) and Master Kim (MK), hosts of the Taoist Fair that will be held in West Hartford on Saturday, February 16.

NA: How did this fair come about?

DW: The fair began in the 1980s as a means of bringing Eastern practices to Western people. More and more people are discovering the benefits of Taoist culture.

MK: Yes, when Dr. Wu moved his healing center here, we combined our efforts to create an annual fair. This is our second year.

NA: Who is the fair for? Individuals? Families with children?

DW: Children and adults can participate in classes and enjoy our 3,000-year-old music and 500-year-old style of dance performances. Also, Korean dishes made by Master Kim’s wife will be offered.

MK: The fair is for those who are drawn to it! The right energy always draws more of that pure energy.

NA: What do you hope visitors will learn or how will they benefit from visiting the fair?

MK: This is not a commercial fair. While we hope to introduce people to modalities that will help them in the future, our intention is that people who come to the fair will have a healing and nourishing experience. We invite attendees to treat the fair as an interactive museum of Eastern practices. There is much to do and see, but trust that you will be guided by the inner music of the fair to the events that are best for you.

DW: And to celebrate our Chinese and Korean New Year, the year of the Snake. Also, to learn about Taoist practices that can bring greater balance, health and happiness to our lives.

NA: How does the Taoist Fair work? Where can we go for more information?

DW: The price to attend is $20 for those who pre-register at or $30 at the door. The fair will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Schedules for featured performances can be found on the Web site as well.

MK: All classes are walk-in and included in this entry fee. Small goods, services, and food will be offered for purchase by many vendors. A true buffet of Taoist dishes!

Wu Healing Center has been in operation since 1990 in Massachusetts and since 2003 in West Hartford. Sun Do Mountain Taoism is (TBA).
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