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Letter from the Publisher

Dear Readers,

We want to let you know about a big change for the New Year that we’ve stuck with for a month now. We both decided to get serious about our diet and explore more of the health and wellness improvements that appear in the pages of Natural Awakenings and elsewhere. The biggest change we’ve made is taking on a 28-day CLEAN Nutrition prep and cleanse series that is running at the Yoga Center in Collinsville. Only halfway into the program, we discovered that the positive claims about eating a diet consisting mainly of whole foods (and eliminating problem foods) are real.

It hasn’t been an easy transition, but we’re adjusting to our new routine and food selections. The biggest results we see are feeling light, full of energy and clear-headed all day. Shawn is practically zooming around the office and house and Ela says she no longer feels like she needs an afternoon nap. Also, food started to taste better after getting rid of some of the heavier foods we normally eat.

If you’re interested in moving to more whole foods, you are in the right place. We feature articles about healthful eating each month in Natural Awakenings.  If you’re looking for specific programs in your area, contact nutritionists and health coaches near you.  Several are listed in our Community Resource Guide and Calendar of Events. We’ll do more spotlights on this topic in the coming months and keep you updated on our personal progress. We are believers in the relationship between eating healthy, natural, whole foods and leading long, healthy lives. See the “CLEAN Nutritional Program” news brief (page 5) to learn more about the specific program we are utilizing.

Speaking of healthy lives, food alone will not resolve all the issues we encounter. We must also work on the body and the mind. This month’s issue is packed with information about 18 different bodywork modalities (see “Natural Awakening’s Bodywork Guide” (page 20).  With a mix of ancient and modern techniques, you should find something to help you overcome any stress, chronic issues or emotional challenges you may have. On the same pages, you’ll find listings of practitioners in your area offering these services.  After reading, you can learn more or get started by contacting one of these wonderful practitioners.

February brings Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to cherish and honor the ones closest to you every month, but perhaps this is the month you do something extra special… just because.  As local relationship coach Jeff Forte writes in “Valentine’s Day - Sweeten Your Relationship” (page 27), “Give first and expect nothing in return—you might just be in for a very pleasant surprise.”

Naturally Yours,

Shawn and Ela
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