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Reflexology - Health and healing are just two feet away at Tree of Healing

Reflexology probably dates back as far as 2300 BC according to Egyptian wall carvings that depict people working on each other’s feet. The theory behind reflexology is that it supports all systems of the body, the nervous system, muscular system, blood and circulation, lymph and all organs through manipulation of nerve endings on the feet. Reflexology is an alternative, holistic approach and a complementary therapy to conventional medicine.  It is non-invasive, and is considered safe without harmful side effects.

“Reflexology is the gentle manipulation of reflexes in both feet to clear the body’s energy flow so that the body’s organs can function effectively and normally,” says certified reflexologist, Lou Bernstein. “It promotes a feeling of well-being through the restoration of vitality and balance.”

A typical reflexology session with Bernstein is an hour long at Tree of Healing in Rocky Hill where Bernstein practices. There are more than seven thousand nerve endings in the feet, which Bernstein says are grouped into zones that relate to parts of the body. These zones are manipulated during the session based on the client’s health and wellbeing needs. These needs can be predetermined by the client and practitioner or can evolve throughout the session.

“Reflexologists divide the body into ten energy zones and each zone has a specific reflex that reflects every area of the body from the head to the toe. As the reflexology practitioner begins the session, tender or stressed areas may be found. It is believed that applying pressure and stimulating the appropriate reflex point sends a single to the brain, which in turn relays a message to the matching body part. It is also suggested that these reflex points produce energy pathways in the body to enhance vital energy flow.”

While everyone experiences some normal level of stress, some people can experience too much stress at times for various reasons. Stress is commonly blamed for causing or at least contributing to the onset of illness and disease; therefore, finding ways to eliminate stress could also help promote health and prevent illness and disease. Bernstein points out that “reflexology relaxes the individual, therefore allowing the body to release any obstruction of energy flow that disallows health. Reducing stress or tension is the first step in returning to a state of equilibrium, resulting in the body’s ability to deal with illness or disease in a natural way.”

Bernstein says that regular reflexology sessions are also known to increase wellbeing, stimulate circulation, induce a state of relaxation, balance body’s energies, reduce the body’s reliance on drugs, among other benefits.

Lou Bernstein is a certified reflexologist.  She is available for appointments at Tree of Healing, 2317 Silas Deane Highway, Rocky Hill, CT 06067.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 860-582-5050.
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