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Groundwork to Health Opens in Hartford

Monica Peters is a Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach, and she now has a new space to see clients. Groundwork to Health offers Peters’ clients the chance to explore various modalities toward goals such as managing stress, making empowered eating choices and simply being happier.

“It can be scary to make lifestyle changes,” Peters says, “I work from my belief that it isn’t too late to have a better outcome.”

Peters says her clients often come to her feeling defeated or confused about how to get lasting results. Using her various modalities, she says she can allow her clients to explore what is best for them while receiving her expert guidance. Identifying triggers for unhealthy patterns in life—whether it be about eating, relationships or stress—are just one way that Peters helps people get unstuck and take action toward change.

“The client does the work of changing,” says Monica. “I am there to offer the seeds for change, to listen and guide, like a coach, alongside them.”

For more information about Monica or her services, visit or call 860-705-8789.
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