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Four-Day Level 1 Emei Qigong Training

Join certified teacher, Pat Bolger to learn Emei Qigong theory along with technique during this training to be held on April 20- 21 and May 4-5, from 9:00- 5:00, with a separate healing event to be held on Sunday, April 21, from 3:45 - 4:45.

“Emei Qigong training is an opportunity to learn simple, time-tested methods for improving physical, emotional and spiritual well-being,” says Bolger. “In this four-day, level 1 training, participants will learn how to enhance physical vitality, reduce stress, expand consciousness and what it means to be truly healthy.”
Emei Qigong is a practice of simple body movements, working with healing sounds and meditation. Emei Qigong has been known in China as a natural energy healthcare system for balancing the body’s energy, which Bolger adds, “aids in healing and the prevention of disease.” For almost 800 years, the teachings of this school were passed down from one Grandmaster to another. Intention of practice marks the difference from one Qigong style to another—Emei Qigong's focus is for healing oneself and helping others.

"Emei Qigong exercises use Qi to clear our energy blockages, and to improve the function of our physical body, our emotions, and our spirit," said Grandmaster Fu, adding that, with health, the life force is strong and there is a harmonious flow of ample “Qi” throughout the body, as well as a relative balance between body, mind and the environment. "Gong" is the practice of cultivating energy and keeping it flowing and balanced. Fu says that this practice quickens healing time of injuries, strengthens the immune system and decreases stress by relaxing the mind and balancing emotions. As the mind calms, a feeling of peace and happiness takes over the senses.

This Emei Qigong Seminar will be taught by certified teacher Patricia Bolger and held at The ATMA Center, 199 Oakwood Ave, West Hartford. Cost is $60 for all four days. A Group Healing will also be held on Sunday, April 21, from 3:45 - 4:45. Cost is $30 which can be attended with or separate from the seminar. For more information or to register, contact Patricia Bolger at 203-500-6492 or visit
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