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Letter from the Publisher

Dear Readers,

Finally it’s May!  Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 12th so be sure to honor your own whether you’re lucky enough to be able to do so in-person, long-distance via Skype or in memory. Many moms have given so selflessly of themselves so take a moment to nurture that special mom in your life. A few kind and thoughtful words mean everything to a mom. And let’s not forget to honor Mother Nature too. May brings longer days and the welcome warmth of the sun, carpooling to and from children’s athletic and school events, blooming trees, pops of greener grass, yellow daffodils and forsythia, and colorful tulips all showing off their bright hues.

We’re so excited to have expanded our issue this month. We have so much new content from our local health & wellness experts that we just had to fit it all in.  If you’re in the market for the health, wellness or sustainable living services or products our advertisers provide, please let them know that you saw them in Natural Awakenings. It’s only through their support and your patronage that we can continue to bring Natural Awakenings to you each month.

This month, we’re bringing you a wide range of content devoted to improving Women’s Health. We’ve covered the positive effects a natural and seasonal detox diet can have, and this month’s article on “Spring Detox” (page 28) is a great reminder to treat our bodies gently and what to avoid when choosing a detox plan.  I know first hand the benefits as we finished our first ever “Clean” detox in February and were amazed at the personal changes we each felt and saw in our own bodies.   That said, a weekend detox each change in season is a great refresher.

Also, we are really going to put the “Clutter-Taming Tips” (page 30) to use. We have a basement and garage that have well…been ignored for too long.  Who couldn’t benefit from less clutter. Reducing clutter and staying organized can help us stay focused on what’s really important, reduce stress, spend less money, and save space. This will be our first year using – we’ll let you know how it goes!

Happy Mother’s Day to all,

Shawn and Ela
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