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Pure, Clean and Green Water ~ It doesn’t come from a plastic bottle!

It's easy to think you're doing a body good by drinking bottled water; however, not all water is created equal. The water you drink from a petroleum-based plastic water bottle may not be as pure or clean as you think and it’s certainly not green. While bottled water companies often promote an image of health and wellness, the life cycle of a plastic bottle does not promote health for us or for the Earth. Water bottling facilities add pollutants to the air during manufacturing and transportation of products.

The water itself can be contaminated at several points before it is consumed. The opportunity exists for contamination from the moment of injection at the factory to the time the bottle is unsealed. Once open, germ contamination from the consumer’s hands to the bottle or bacteria growth in the unsealed container is possible.

Purified water, dispensed on demand, is an alternative solution, which is healthier, cleaner and environmentally safe because it can be placed in a nonpetroleum-based water bottle.

For more information on purified water on demand, contact Gina at Pure Water Technology of Central Connecticut at 860-581-4015 x7012 or visit
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