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Shifting Energy Patterns for Improved Health

Holding back words, speaking and not feeling heard and having the sensation that words are stuck in the throat are common feelings for some people. They may also affect health in a negative way, as they have to do with processing emotions.

“We are all energetic beings, and energy flowing smoothly through our bodies supports health,” says Roberta Kline, MD. “Erratic or blocked energy can lead to imbalances and eventually disease. Everything in our internal and external environment impacts our energy flow. Some types of energy, such as light and electricity, are easily seen and measured. The energy generated by our thoughts and emotions is just as powerful and yet not so obvious.”

Dr. Kline adds that science is now giving insight into what ancient healers have known all along: our thoughts and emotions are closely linked with our health. “Scientific research is now showing how we can change our energy, biochemistry, hormones, and even our genes all with how we think and feel! By simply being aware of our thoughts and beliefs, and the emotions we feel, we can shift the energy patterns and our health.”

One of the most common imbalances Dr. Kline sees in women is thyroid disease, which can appear with symptoms of fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, dry skin, menstrual problems or menopausal symptoms, trouble focusing or decreased sex drive.  

“The thyroid gland, located in the neck, is linked to energy of communicating clearly and being heard,” says Dr. Kline. “I find that for many patients, the first step to healing is feeling heard.”

For more information, contact Roberta L. Kline, MD, Integrative Women’s Health, Glastonbury. 860-430-9097. [email protected]
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