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Pure Water Technology of Central Connecticut

Pure Water Technology of Central Connecticut is a green company that provides commercial and residential locations with a high quality alternative to bottled drinking water. Started by parents who wanted to work toward a cleaner environment, Pure Water Technology puts customers and the planet first. The attractive floor or countertop water systems offered employ multiple filters and state of the art microprocessors to provide fresh water at a push of a button.
In addition to four filters, which remove sediment, chemicals and heavy metals, the activated oxygen injection step insures that the client’s water is free of microorganisms as well. This unique and thorough filtering process sets Pure Water Technology apart. Additionally, unlike traditional water machines that require plastic water containers to hold water, thus requiring space to store replacement jugs, Pure Water Technology’s systems are plastic bottle-free.
These water systems include delivery, installation and service, ensuring that the water is always fresh and purified. Perfect for both commercial and residential uses, Pure Water Technology of Central Connecticut will purify city or well water. These attractive water distribution systems provide an ecologically friendly clean water source at a competitive price.

For more information on purified water on demand, contact Gina at Pure Water Technology of Central Connecticut at 860-581-4015 x7012 or visit
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