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Letter from the Publisher

Dear Readers,

You probably have at least one or more people very close to you affected by “It”. You probably know a handful friends or co-workers affected by “It.” And there seems to be increasing likelihood that “It” might even affect you or may already have. “It” is cancer.

We may get a little frightened when so many people around us have been affected by cancer. The statistics collected and reported by the U.S. National Cancer Institute are no less scary. According to their website, women have a 1 in 3 chance of developing cancer during their lifetime. For men, it’s a 1 in 2 chance.*

The good news is that there’s a lot of work and research going into the study of cancer, how it affects our bodies and how we can prevent it or beat it. If you need a little good news after these sobering statistics, check out this month’s article, “Rethinking Cancer” (page 11). After this article, healthy nutrition, exercise, stress-reduction and even meditation or prayer may seem like even better investments of our time than we imagined before, as they all work together to keep your body disease- and cancer-free.

The human body is an incredibly complex system and the more complex any system, the more important it is for all the checks and balances to be working. When one part of the system isn’t working properly, it drags down the whole thing, ultimately increasing the chances of a breakdown. Essentially, cancer is in part a system that is running out of control because some essential checks and balances aren’t right.

There are new recommendation, treatments and therapies being developed around the globe to help restore our bodies systems to their natural, optimal state. Many of these are reflective of living a more natural, holistic lifestyle when choosing our food and water, getting exercise, being happy and maintaining a spiritual connection to something larger than ourselves. There’s hope for all of us. One thing you can do is just keep reading Natural Awakenings each month for our continuing monthly tips, new research and local sources of expert help. If you need a monthly reminder to keep you on the right track, we’re here for you.

Naturally Yours,

Shawn and Ela


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