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The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition: Thousands of Years of Food Wisdom in Twelve Months!

The newly formed Institute of Sustainable Nutrition (TIOSN) is excited to announce its premiere course for anyone wanting to “learn simple, gentle ways of developing true sustainable health” for their families, clients, environment, communities and selves. Offering “nourishment from the ground up…” its one-year, hands-on certification course in “Sustainable Health and Nutrition” will begin on Saturday, September 20. Classes, meeting one weekend a month (Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.), will examine the science of nutrition, the seasons and the human body. Drawing upon the correlation between the environment, foods and the body’s seasonal needs, classes will then transfer into the garden where participants will be taught to re-mineralize the soil and grow food and culinary and medicinal herbs. Moving from garden to kitchen, teachers will share how to: prepare and improvise with foods; increase use of culinary herbs; create simple remedies, tonics, teas, and other plant-based medicines; and, make nontoxic, sustainable cleaning and body care products. A diverse roster of guest speakers will round out the curriculum with talks which are free to students and open to public for a fee (contact TIOSN to be on the email list announcing such events).

TIOSN and this flagship program were developed by a small group of nutritionists, herbalists, gardeners and an award-winning chef. In describing how the idea for the school came into being, Founder Joan Palmer shared that “This was the program we were all looking for when we went to school, but it didn’t yet exist. We created the program we wanted.” They aim to offer comprehensive courses covering all aspects of food and herbs as they relate to health and well-being. Rather than being solely clinical or a new fad, courses look at food from a historical perspective, a sustainable perspective steeped in traditional knowledge and wisdom.

Palmer, who has her Masters in Human Nutrition, is certified in herbs, has been an organic gardener for 30 years and teaches in an accredited Masters’ degree program in Connecticut. Other instructors and staff include: Alison Birks, botanist, herbalist and nutritionist; Terry Walters, award-winning cookbook author and a community advocate for food-related programs; and, Nigel Palmer, engineer, certified soil consultant, organic gardener and presenter.

TIOSN is located at Holcomb Farm in West Granby, CT. Space is limited to 30 students. Registration is required. A waiting list will be started once class fills. To register, contact 860.764.9070,, or
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