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The Yoga of Birthing

Birth stories are fascinating. With subjective twists and turns molding the description, the impact this recollection has is indescribable. Yet, the words or labeling attached to the experience and feelings of this most significant event have the ability to define (or redefine) every person and relationship touched by the event. Everyone involved enters into the experience of birth where they are: as soul, baby, only child, parent, single person, husband, or even friend. Birthing a baby brings great change, for all involved. It should and can be an easeful process.

For those planning to give birth, remember this: The birthing process is absolutely innate. It’s also peaceful when it’s accepted for the highly changeable, exciting life event that it is. Women are designed to birth. Birth should take place in a supportive environment where nature and nurture meet and decisions are made from a space of love; this space is available to every mother, whether she is a first-time mother or birthing a second, third, or eve sixth child. This space is also available in every type of delivery environment (home or hospital, and natural, medicated or cesarean).

The Mamoga and LeClaire Method of yoga and birthing (bridging life events with needs and practice) consist of bringing the mother’s personal wisdom into an awe-inspiring process where the blissful birth story forms with ease.

Here is one pose to practice for pregnancy and fertility. Sitting or standing, take a moment and close your eyes. Bring your hands to prayer, at heart center. Welcome the mindful uniting of left and right hemisphere. Breathe in, reaching hands overhead. Clasp hands with palms to sky, and elongate the spine. Exhale and put hands back to prayer at heart center. Bring the hands to your belly. Picture the unborn within you. Breathe light into your belly. Finding your voice, repeat the following mantra: “We are all meant to shine, as children do.”

Jennifer Magnano is a CYT, Hypnobirthing and MBSR Coach located in CT. If you’re seeking a space of ease in your birth story, she will be sharing The Yoga of Birthing in a 2-part workshop on November 23rd & 24th from 1-5pm each day at The Yoga Center of Collinsville, 10 Front St, Collinsville, CT. Price to attend is $224.10 per couple (by Nov 10 or $249 after). Pre-registration is required. To register, call 860-693-9642.
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