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Managing Stress Through Relaxation

Everyone seems to be very aware of stress these days. Hectic schedules, work, finances and medical issues all contribute to the stress of those who are overwhelmed. Stress is a normal part of life, and can be lifesaving in emergency situations, but when stress becomes constant, it can negatively affect health. Constant stress can often be traced as the root cause to a host of ailments, both physical and mental. While stress can’t be eliminated, it can be managed with various relaxation techniques. The relaxation response of the body puts the brakes on a heightened "fight or flight” state, returning the body and mind to a healthier equilibrium.

At Body in Harmony treatments are focused on relaxation. While Reflexology and Reiki sessions promote an array of benefits, there is always a basic foundation of relaxation designed into all sessions. Even skin care and facials incorporate face and scalp massage that will wrap the client in relaxation and help combat stress. Reflexology can help alleviate many stress-related conditions and is deeply relaxing, leaving one feeling calm, balanced and energized. Reiki can be a wonderful complementary natural healing technique, encouraging the release of tension and anxiety.

Gina Schriver is the owner of Body In Harmony, 144 Main St, Ste D (within The Hartford Headache Center), East Hartford. For more information on how she can help you manage stress, visit or call 860-463-6054.
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