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Letter From The Publisher - April 2014

Letter From The Publisher

Our theme this month is Green Living and our feature article, “Live Green, Save Big” (page 18), gave us reason to consider what true green living means. It contains great info that might change the way you think when purchasing your next home, car, meal or anything else!

The choices needed to drive change for mankind as a whole have to come from each of us, individually. We must make the hard and often inconvenient changes. If we don’t, why should we expect it from anybody else?

The right decision for the local and global good is usually not the cheapest decision in the moment. But we should always consider that the true expense of inexpensive decisions today will not be fully felt in our body or on our planet for decades to come. It’s our hope that more of us can make the best, long-term decisions and enjoy life even more while demonstrating to our neighbors how it’s done. “Keeping up with the Joneses” could come to mean proudly living a green life that others aspire to (versus the life of “more”).

In looking at ways to help others live more sustainably, Shawn met with Fresh Farm Aquaponics in South Glastonbury. Owned by an energetic and visionary group of young entrepreneurs, they’ve created a model of aquaponics farming that is easy, sustainable, organic and can provide food all year around (with a homemade greenhouse) in your backyard without the burden of watering, weeding and fertilizing associated with traditional gardens. Shawn was so motivated that he created a small-scale model to learn from and is planning to build one for our back yard.

Fresh Farm Aquaponics is just one great example of how our neighbors are making the needed changes and helping others. We know there are many more examples here in Central Connecticut so if you know one, please post it on our Facebook page to let others know too.

Naturally Yours,

Ela and Shawn



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