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Letter from the Publisher - May 2014

Letter from the Publisher

Just in time for Mother’s Day, our May issue focuses on Women’s Health and provides information and tools to help you and the women around you be healthier and happier.

Our feature article, “Trust Your Intuition” (page 14), discusses the intuitive and intrinsic power of a relaxed mind and body. Despite being male, this is a great article for Shawn. He’s responsible for the layout and production of this monthly magazine, which accounts for considerable stress. Even though the goal each month is to create the magazine through a “quiet” or “relaxed” process, there is room for improvement.

Reflecting on his emotions during crunch time around print deadlines and other similar moments have helped him realize that while he needs a certain level of stress to “get moving,” too much will inevitably cloud his focus, crush his creativity or cause hasty decisions. It becomes somewhat of the flight or fight feeling as described in the article.

How does one manage these moments? For Shawn, many, many deep breaths and many relaxing thoughts. Thoughts that no matter how little time is left, and even if he misses the deadline, there are ways to deal with the situation. As long as he can breathe, everything will be OK. Basically, an acceptance of “it is what it is and all that matters is what I do next.”

He has come to appreciate the importance of rest, movement and breathe in advance of crunch times. These seem to slow the accumulation of stress, which helps reduce that feeling of fight or flight from the very beginning. This leaves the mind more clear to get the work at hand done efficiently and with better quality. Throw in less than normal exercise, meditation or sleep patterns and you can be sure it’s a more challenging month.

For all those multi-tasking parents out there, check out the article on Gabriella Reece. She’s a world-class athlete, mother, wife and environmental champion who balances her days in “Volleying Life” (page 26). She acknowledges that taking care of her own diet and exercise first are what enable her to be strong to take care of the others in her family.

As we finish this month’s issue, Shawn has just penciled in more exercise well in advance of next months deadline.

Live well,

Ela and Shawn

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