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Effective, Safe Tick Control for Your Landscape or Yard

Effective, Safe Tick Control for Your Landscape or Yard

They’re back! You’ve seen them on your pets, your kids or yourself. Other than the eww factor, avoiding exposure to tick-borne Lyme’s Disease or related bacterial infections from tick bites is reason enough to keep ticks at a distance. Not only do these infections make you sick and cause side effects, they often result in lost work or recreation time along with increased medical expenses.

Thanks to ongoing research over the last 15 years, there are now safer alternatives to the harmful chemicals found in the traditional synthetic pesticides. Newer botanical products stay on the landscape and in the woods and won’t wash off, which means it’s safer for wells, streams and rivers. Because the application is non-toxic to children, pets, birds and other animals, there’s no reason to stay off the property after an application. The alternatives are safe enough to be exempt from the Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

In addition to safer alternatives for tick control, there are also alternatives for weed killers that cause no danger of contamination to people, animals or groundwater.

Todd Harrington is owner and Chief Scientist for Harrington’s Organic Land Care in Bloomfield and an Advisory Member of CT Northeast Organic Farmers OLC Association. For more information, see or call 860-243-8733.



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