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Gong Meditations and Performance Merge Relaxation and Musical Art

Gong Meditations and Performance Merge Relaxation and Musical Art

Opened in 2010, The Conduit Center provides a unique and relaxing experience through the use of sound meditation—a technique where meditation is made effortless through the assistance of gong sounds. In addition to meditation, The Conduit Center also offers unique experiences in the practices of yoga, tai chi, and massage, all assisted by the soothing sound of gongs. Private sessions are available in addition to the weekly group concert.

College Students go “Off Grid”

In addition to its home base in East Hartford, The Conduit Center often takes to the road. One series of events takes place at college campuses around the state.

In this world of smart phones and streaming data, not to mention the almost omnipresent pressures of daily life and college demands, gong meditations give students a break from the constant stimuli. Going into meditation, focusing only on the sound and vibrations, allows a positive experience of targeted sensory saturation, but with an important break from external stimuli.

Owen James leads participants with some gentle vocal coaching and guiding into the meditation experience, and then the gongs and relaxation take over. Those who participate generally walk away with a breakthrough in stress. They also typically have increased mental clarity and a sense of community with their fellow participants.

Gong Meditation Performances Offer Extension of the Experience to the Hometown Community

While the standard gong concerts convey the sound journey with an intimate group, the Gong Meditation Performances are an extension of the experience. Participants are treated not only to the soothing gong orchestration, but to a more multi-sensory experience as well. This is accomplished through further attention to ambience, lighting, sacred geometry projections and special guest artists.

These performances are generally offered in larger venues, changing the acoustics and the sonic landscape in dynamic and inviting ways. In addition, the Conduit team pays careful attention to the needs of increased participants, bringing in additional facilitators and instrumentation to enhance the overall experience.

The Yoga Center of Collinsville will offer a Gong Meditation Performance on June 15, 2014 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. There are also a number of upcoming performances at The Conduit Center.

The Conduit Center is located on the Manchester/East Hartford line. For a complete listing of performances, see or call Owen at 860-888-4314.



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