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Letter From the Publisher - August 2014

Letter From the Publisher

Ahhh, summer! It’s the time of year many crave after the long, dark winters or chilly springs. It’s also the time many of us plan (or try to plan) some time away from work. That great institution of summer vacations can impact those of us left behind in “normal” life. We notice that phone calls and email go unanswered a while, businesses slow down and smaller ones may even close for a period. Many need to work a little more to cover for colleagues on vacation. But you know what? We’re OK with all that because we all need some time off to take care of ourselves, so congratulations to those that do!

With that said, we were surprised to learn that more than 50% of Americans forfeit earned vacation time every year. What’s wrong with us? Is our boss just too demanding to let us leave? Do we really think the company will fold if we take a week off? Can’t we scrape together even enough cash to take a “staycation” away from work? Whatever the reason, many Americans seem to be working harder than ever. But we should all plan to take time off, no matter how badly we think we’re needed or how little cash we have.

For those that have yet to take their summer vacation, we’ve got some timely information that may help you plan some downtime for you and the family. Check out several ideas for quick and fun escapes in “Summer Mini-Getaways” (page 14) and promise yourself you’re going to take that sorely needed time off (that you’ve earned) even if it means just spending it in a hammock in your back yard.

With that said, we’re going to take our own advice and cut this letter a little short this month. We will use this extra time to plan a week away in August for ourselves.

Naturally Yours,

Ela and Shawn



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