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Letter From the Publisher - September 2014

Letter From the Publisher

As you open the cover of our September issue, many of us are just finishing our summer and embracing the approaching autumn. Summer and fall in Connecticut are our two favorite seasons that provide for many opportunities to enjoy nature here in beautiful New England.

Last month, we wrote about taking a break from work or your norm, even if you didn’t think you could. Well, we took our own advice and planned a spontaneous, last minute vacation to ensure we could get away with all our teenagers for a week before school began. We’re penning this letter from that vacation as we finish up the last piece of this issue.

This week has been a great practice for us to be mindful and present with each other and our children—but it’s not easy and requires sustained practice to relax when you know a deadline is approaching or you get that unexpected text that somebody, somewhere needs something from you.

The September issue provides some timely information to help all of us live in peace, or as the Taoist philosopher Lao Tzu said, the art of living in the present. Yogic philosophy also focuses on the benefits of living in the present, connecting to community and finding inner peace through a combination of physical, meditative, devotional and other lifestyle practices. For more tips, techniques and background on living in peace through yoga, check out “Say Yes to Yoga - It Boosts Health, Peace, Community and Spirituality”. We also include a great article “Mindfulness for Little Ones” to help our children.

Whether you follow Yogic, Christian, Muslim, Taoist, or another lifestyle, all seem to have one common belief. We are all connected, we are all part of something larger and we can all live in peace if we regularly follow healthy practices that remind us of these simple facts.

Naturally Yours,

Ela and Shawn



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