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Letter From the Publisher - October 2014

Letter From the Publisher

Fall has arrived along with our October issue! New England is so beautiful this time of year, we can’t wait for the turn of the foliage and return of “sweater weather.”

Just in time for apple picking, this month’s issue has an interesting article on apples as a super food. They say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Well, science is explaining why and sharing that not all apples you buy are created equal. Be sure to check out “An A for Apples” (page 20) to learn some interesting facts before your next trip to the market or orchard.

Our feature article this month covers a topic near and dear to our hearts: sustainable cities and towns. We often drive through a neighborhood to see five or ten homes for sale and then a short distance away see a new development being put up on what was formerly a farm or forest. Sometimes we see mounds of retired consumer goods or building materials on the curb with the trash and wonder what if any of it will be recycled.

We wonder if the American way of life can progress to create less excess and waste and do more to re-use what already exists. This includes developing communities that are more efficient and sustainable. There are some new movements and organizations across the U.S. creating new ways to build and organize “people-centered districts.”

These districts include more than concepts for “tiny homes,” reusing existing residential and commercial structures and reclaimed materials. Plans include purposeful features that create community interaction and relationships. People share common resources and help each other. There are rain gardens to reduce traditional wastewater runoff. There are more bike and walking paths.

Certain aspects of this close-knit community living may seem uncomfortable to some, but perhaps using resources more efficiently outweighs the drawbacks. We’d love to see a day when success is not measured in status symbols like square feet or vacation homes, but in how well we as individuals care for Earth while helping and sharing with others around us.

Sustainably Yours,

Ela and Shawn



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