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Create an Intentional and Inspired Future

Create an Intentional and Inspired Future

Identifying limiting beliefs, underlying commitments and busting through resistance that holds us to our past or “story” are powerful steps to create an inspired and intentional life.

Beliefs, adopted through our experiences, handed down through families, culture and religion serve a purpose. By examining these beliefs, we can determine if they expand or limit us.

Each of us has a story about ourselves, our life, which opens us up to possibilities or shuts us down. When our story exists to protect, teach, or help us grow, it is functioning in our highest service. When we hold onto stories past their usefulness, they keep us stuck, dictating what we can or cannot do in the future. Taking responsibility to examine our beliefs, commitments, and choices are the pathway to greater joy and freedom.

Alexandra Lowry is a Certified Integrative Life Coach and Infinite Possibilities Trainer/Motivational Speaker with the Wisdom Alliance, LLC. For more information on coaching, speaking engagements or to schedule a complimentary Breakthrough Discovery Session, contact 860-559-1264 or [email protected].



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