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Save Money on Highest Quality Grass-Fed Meats

Save Money on Highest Quality Grass-Fed Meats

TFC Health Foods, co-located with Talcott Family Chiropractic in Farmington, is on a mission to help their patients and neighbors obtain highest quality nutrition at lowest possible prices via their co-op style pre-order program.

The centerpiece of the program is organic, pastured meats. Products include a wide selection of cuts of certified organic, 100% grass fed/finished beef; heritage-breed pastured pork; and pastured chicken. Also available are prepared items such as hot dogs, sausage, bacon, which are all free of nitrates, MSG, hormones or any artificial additives.

TFC buys direct truckloads from ranch partners around the country and passes along the savings. Customers order online and pick up their bundle at the store on their selected pickup date. Customers as far away as Stamford and Norwich have taken advantage of the program.

TFC’s retail store carries a focused line of products and prepared foods aligned with their nutritional counseling service at prices typically below the giant health food stores. Those familiar with Weston A Price Foundation guidelines will find this unique store to be a valuable resource.

Visit to browse the online store and learn more about their services, or call 860-269-3228.



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