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Getting Well and Staying Well

Getting Well and Staying Well

Alternative Health is a wellness center that assists clients with weight-loss goals in addition to those who suffer from auto-immune deficiencies. With the philosophy that the body can heal itself and that most health issues are caused by poor life style, experts at Alternative Health work with clients to rebuild the immune system without prescriptions drugs or chemicals.

“Our clients lose weight and are able to maintain the weight loss once it is gone because they have a healthy body,” states Patty Midwood, Manager. By working with the whole body (including the mental physical and spiritual aspects), as opposed to just the symptoms, staff at Alternative Health works to educate and motivate clients to get well and then stay well for the rest of their lives.

“Every symptom is caused by something else that is wrong or malfunctioning within the body,” says Midwood. “I enjoy hearing my clients say that after going through one of my programs they have more energy and no longer have everyday discomfort.”

Alternative Health has three locations in CT and MA. For more information, call 860-218-2838 or visit



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