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Make Difficult but Lasting Change in the New Year


Make Difficult but Lasting Change in the New Year

Local Experts Share How

Almost half of Americans have a goal or two in mind for the New Year. Common goals include losing weight, finding a better job, launching a business or getting healthier. They are usually about self-improvement. Following through with resolutions is not easy; however, there are some secrets to success. Read on to get tips from several experts who are sharing those secrets with Natural Awakenings!

To understand why goals and resolutions are not met, it’s helpful to be aware of common stumbling blocks. Sometimes, it is positive or negative influences and messages from childhood. The experts at The Hartford Family Institute (HFI) help clients recognize, honor and work with these energies to open up emotions and minds in a positive manner. Those who work with a therapist from HFI, for example, learn to hold an awareness of the negativity of the past in a way that allows them to still move forward and away from self-defeating patterns.

For others, it is the tendency to indulge in harsh self-judgment that stands in the way. Alexandra Lowry, Integrative Life Coach and founder of Wisdom Alliance in South Windsor, advises that one should, “Get out of the head and into the heart to really claim what you desire for your life.” She adds that by doing this, people can move from how negative thoughts are driving them and work toward more of the heart’s desire, letting the good in that do the leading.

Patty Midwood, company manager for Alternative Health in West Hartford, shares that family and friends can be vital to success, but they can also sabotage success. “When embarking on any sort of self-improvement plan, make sure you fully understand both the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ behind the changes you are making,” states Midwood. “Don’t be swayed by misinformation, however well intentioned, that may be shared by the people around you.”

Whitney Christina, an Access Consciousness Facilitator at Energetic BEing in Bloomfield, works to empower her clients to “know what they know,” stepping into their potency to see with ease the change they can make happen. Christina functions as a facilitator and guide, believing as so many practitioners in other modalities do, that the needs of the client can be met by their own inner wisdom, if only they have and use the tools they need to open the way.

Canton based Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Colleen Brunetti, looks at the interplay between food and life balance with clients. Beyond just losing weight or having more energy, your food intake and your personal life are inextricably intertwined. How you handle the stress of your day and how you manage your time impacts the foods you choose and what your body can do with those foods. Those looking to meet any New Year’s resolution should have an eye on the big picture, and not just the single goal, and a good health coach can guide clients through each area to help them towards success on any personal goals.

While many people seek wellness goals, perhaps just as important are the professional ones, an area in which Matt Connell of Strategic Improvement Associates in Bloomfield understands well. For Connell, the goal is often supporting those who excel in their practice, but struggle with the business end. Connell is able to fill those gaps, and act as a sounding board and guide, so that practitioners can do what they love and have a business that thrives at the same time. The lesson here, as it pertains to setting goals and resolutions, is to seek support from someone who balances your strengths and weaknesses.

Change of any sort is never easy. Bob Caffrey of Caffrey Counseling in the greater Hartford area stresses that change is in fact a process. He says, “Patience is really important. Realize we learn from everything. We learn how to make change permanent, not only by how we are successful, but also how we are unsuccessful.” In addition, it is very helpful to have someone to bounce your ideas on self-assessment with. Often, we are doing better than we think we are, and to work with a compassionate professional who can point out and cheer on our successes can be invaluable.

All of the practitioners we spoke with had a unifying message: To see success, you must have compassion for yourself. Be patient and be consistent. Celebrate and honor the journey. And you will see success. Learn more about these and other practitioners in Greater Hartford on the following pages.



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