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Energetic BEing Center – Believe Inspire Grow Event

Energetic BEing Center – Believe Inspire Grow Event

Believe Inspire Grow (BIG) is launching a new POD in Bloomfield on Wednesday, January 14, from 9 to 10:30 a.m. What is BIG? It’s where connections are made, paths crisscross and brainstorms happen. Dreams re-emerge and people get inspired—uncertainty and intimidation perish and you flourish.

BIG is about establishing momentum, even for those who don't know where they're headed at the moment. Some have started their own business and are looking for new ideas. Others are in between jobs or looking to make a career change.

“We are smart. We are part of a community of intelligent and creative women. We are interior designers, accountants, lawyers, photographers, and artists. Some of us have MBA's. Some have MFA's. Some of us are stay-at-home moms. Many of us have great ideas or talents,” says Whitney Christina, an Access Consciousness Facilitator in Bloomfield.

Energetic BEing Center is located in The Center For Holistic Empowerment on the Top Floor of 3 Barnard Ln in Bloomfield. For more information, contact Whitney Christina at 860-830-1180 or visit [email protected] or



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