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Joe Buyse C.A.R.C., P.C.

Joe Buyse C.A.R.C., P.C.

Serving Central Connecticut

What is your specialization and why did you choose to work in this area?
As a Certified Coach and Pastoral Counselor, I coach folks who are somehow stuck in unhealthy, compulsive behaviors, especially those people stuck in addictions or those directly affected by addictions.
What do you find limits an individual’s success when trying to change?
Many people want to change, but they insist that the process be on their terms. Difficulty in admitting, and completely owning, the true nature of the problem, and then, consistently following a plan of action, are the most common challenges I see.
How do you support your client’s goal to keep their intention?
My work is strengths-based, client-centered and 100 percent solution-oriented. I bring objectivity, stability, and a good measure of planning and organization to a collaborative effort. Accountability is a key ingredient.
What ongoing support do you provide to create change and success?
I focus and build on your existing strengths, encourage daily mindful awareness, and support your process of making strong, measurable commitments to attainable goals.
When uncertain how to begin, what is your best advice to start new goals?
I would encourage beginning from a place of self-acceptance rather than self-improvement. Learning to work with what you have, is wiser and healthier, than desperately wanting to become something or someone you feel you need to be.




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