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Letter from the Publisher - March 2015

Letter from the Publisher

If you’re like me and others I talk to, you’re done with the winter, the snow and the extreme cold temps. Spring will come and so will the time to be outside more comfortably. To get ready for that long-awaited day, we’ve got some information in this issue all about pets, gardening and food in general.

Our feature this month, Mission: Animal Rescue and Natural Pet article, Lifesaving Acts both offer a great look at the jeopardy animals face and how we can help. From house pets to farm and wild animals, human impact is causing problems. But there are things we can all do to help!

If you’ve been following us these past two months, you may have noticed the special coverage we’ve been giving to integrative health practitioners, coaches, counselors, therapists and trainers. We are continuing that coverage this month and have added several new resources for you. If you’re curious whether integrative medicine, coaching or support will help you resolve an issue, check out the profiles to learn about each practitioner. If you find that you feel a connection with one or more, give them a call. Most offer some form of an introductory phone call or session that will allow them to understand your needs and give you the chance to discover what they offer and how they can benefit you. Don’t wait! As we discuss in our coaching article Invest in Yourself, time’s a wasting—it makes sense to reap the benefits of change sooner than later.

I love composting. It empowers me to be a steward of the earth despite all that I consume on a weekly basis. I feel that our culture doesn’t truly take ownership of the waste we create or put forth enough effort to see that things we no longer need (broken stuff, empty containers or food waste) goes to the proper place to be effectively reused. For me, composting has been an easy way to get started right at home by dealing with food scraps differently. Instead of introducing them into the larger waste stream, they become nutritious soil for my plants. It’s a win-win. Check out our Green Living department to see our Practical Guide to Composting. We can all recycle plastic, paper and metals effectively as well, but those have to go off to a processor to be recycled. We can turn the food waste we generate into something very useful, utilizing just a small space in the back yard or even in the basement.

Please visit us at the Greater Vernon Holistic Healthfest on March 28 or 29. We are a Silver Sponsor of the event and would love to see you there. Learn more about this event on page 6. Stay warm, prepare for spring and we’ll see you soon.

Naturally Yours,




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