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Colon Hydrotherapy Center Relocates

Colon Hydrotherapy Center Relocates

Constance Jones announces the opening her Colon Hydrotherapy Practice at a new location in Manchester and welcomes Jonathan Ritz, ND, as her new supervising physician.

Colon Hydrotherapy, also known as colonic, colon cleansing or colonic irrigation, is the process of cleansing the colon through safe, gentle infusions of warm, filtered water into and out of the rectum and large intestine using no chemicals or drugs.

Jones says “my techniques are hygienic and comfortable and I use disposable equipment and multi-filtered, purified water within a closed FDA-registered system.”

Jones, who has been in practice since 1980, was awarded the I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapist of the Year 2014 and is New England’s senior therapist.

Center for Progressive Therapies (C4PT), 192 Hartford Road in Manchester. For more information on the health benefits of colon hydrotherapy or to schedule an appointment, call Constance at 860-287-4558 or visit


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