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Letter From the Publisher - May 2015

Letter From the Publisher

I confess, writing this letter is always a bit challenging. It requires contemplation and organization of thought. It’s the last thing I do before going to print. To organize my thoughts on natural breast health this month, I struggled a bit more. Unfortunately, my editor, Julie, has recently helped her mom with the aftercare of a mastectomy. So, it is from two very different ends of the breast health spectrum that we discussed this letter.

Breasts get so much attention in our culture—so it’s daunting to call more attention to them. They are often appropriately used as symbols of femininity. They are often used as attention getters for other reasons. Media is filled with young, healthy breasts; however, most people know that breast cancer has become increasingly common.

Sadly, breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer for women. There are many types of cancer involved, but most of us know somebody who has experienced some form. Some of us have been more closely involved with the experience of a woman close to us who has had some level of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and ongoing scans to watch for recurrence. The fear, pain, and trauma of surgery and other treatments is as far from the sexy glamor of a bra ad as you can get. Seeing men going in for appointments at the breast clinic is also now normal as rates of breast cancer in men are rising.

So why is this group of diseases becoming more common? To find out, everyone reading this magazine needs to read every article in this issue. Let’s take charge of our health and be a proponent for the changes that we all need to make to reduce the risk of breast cancer and all cancers.

There are many things we can do. We’ve heard repeatedly about nutrition, exercise and avoiding chemicals in our food. But have you heard about yoga poses or Manual Therapy treatments for breast health? Manual Therapy is a holistic therapy practiced by physical and massage therapists. There’s too much for a synopsis, so please read on.

Mother’s Day is coming soon. Wishing all the mothers in the world a very special day and gratitude for all that you do.

I love you Mom,




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