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Addiction Education Service Available

Addiction Education Service Available

At Cultivating Change Counseling Services, LLC a specialized drop-in hour has been created specifically for those who are not sure where to turn for support. This hour gives people the opportunity to meet addiction clinicians, ask questions, and obtain more information on the resources available in the community.

Addiction is not a new concept, but it is one that is increasingly causing problems in the lives of those affected. Rates of use, abuse and dependence are on the rise in Connecticut as well as the rates of substance related illnesses and death.

There are often many reasons why people do not choose to obtain help either for themselves or loved ones. A common reason is that people do not know where to turn or do not believe the help is actually out there. Cultivating Change hopes to change that.

Cultivating Change Counseling Services, LLC, 392B Merrow Rd, Tolland. For more information, call Christine at 860-458-2020 or visit


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