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Gong Meditation Announced for the Fall Equinox

Gong Meditation Announced for the Fall Equinox

The Yoga Center of Collinsville and The Conduit Center have announced their annual fall Gong Meditation Experience for Sunday, September 20, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. held in the historic Canton Town Hall Auditorium located at 4 Market St in Collinsville. This performance is designed for meditation and relaxation and to celebrate the Fall Equinox.

The Conduit musicians use instruments such as ancient Himalayan singing bowls and planetary gongs, along with aromatherapy and other tools to guide attendants through a landscape of sound that will help them reach a state of deep relaxation, retune and rebalance. Participants lie down comfortably and are treated not only to the soothing gong orchestration, but also to a multi-sensory experience including attention to ambiance, lighting, sacred geometry projections, and special guest artists and instruments.

Yoga Center of Collinsville, 10 Front St, Collinsville. For more information or to register for the events above, call 860-693-9642 or visit

The Conduit Center, 1227 Burnside Ave #1, East Hartford. For more information, call 860-888-4314 or visit



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