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Online Parenting Portal Offers Support and Anonymity

Online Parenting Portal Offers Support and Anonymity

A simple Google search returns 102 million results for “parenting advice,” but, research has shown that parents are one of the least supported groups in our society.

Even with their closest friends, parents tend to discuss child-rearing issues only at a surface level because they don’t want to face judgment or be the topic of conversation in their social circles. So, as a parent, where can one turn for reliable, affordable advice and still protect anonymity?

A new online community hopes to provide the answer by offering research on parenting issues and facilitating interaction with experts, service providers and other parents. relies on academic and medical research experts, businesses and nonprofit organizations that support children, as well as the general community, to provide a single source of information on parenting and a community where parents can seek advice without fear of being criticized or judged.

Matthew Connell, MBA, EdD, and John Christensen, PhD, co-founded

“We all know raising children can be stressful,” Connell explained. “As parents, we tend to try to shield our children from the stresses we’re facing in other areas of our lives with our finances, our spouse, partner, careers or other familial relationships. But, oftentimes, we struggle in silence trying to figure it out on our own. With Yellowbrick, we provide a forum for researchers and other experts to disseminate research findings and professional knowledge to help parents navigate the challenging times. Members of the community will support each other, learn from each other, and become each other’s ‘wizard’ behind the curtain, lifting one another up and cheering each other on.”

“With the launch of this online community, we’re hoping to put it all in one place for parents,” added Connell.

The site will contain a social media-style forum where users can post questions and topics and invite others to participate; it will offer a directory for businesses that are family friendly, kid friendly or suitable for date nights; and it will provide a searchable database for research and medical papers. In addition, the site will incorporate an element of crowd funding, where the community can participate in raising money for causes they feel strongly about.

When the site launches this month, Yellowbrick founders will rely heavily on users to dictate the future direction of the site by providing feedback on the types of resources and services they would like to have. Register to participate at

For more information, visit or email [email protected].



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