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Seniors Who Volunteer Enhance Satisfaction and Wellbeing


Seniors Who Volunteer Enhance Satisfaction and Wellbeing

Studies show that retirees who volunteer and engage with the broader community improve their own physical and mental health. In the next two decades, the number of Baby Boomers will swell to 110 million. Keeping them healthy is important for the entire society: The longer they live independently, the lower the community’s social and medical costs.

Community Renewal Team’s Retired & Senior Volunteer Program helps seniors find connections, both with community projects and with each other. Hundreds of seniors throughout Central Connecticut are helping youngsters learn to read, assisting travelers at Bradley Airport, delivering meals to housebound elderly and even solving problems at the Attorney General’s Office.

A part of the Corporation for National & Community Service’s Senior Corps, the RSVP program provides structure, training and support for retired individuals who want to learn a new skill, deepen an existing interest and improve the community where they live.

For more information, call 860-760-3088 or email [email protected].



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