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Home Downsizing Expert - Kathy Samul, Realtor

Home Downsizing Expert - Kathy Samul, Realtor

Downsize Your Home - Live More Richly

In the United States, the average size of a new, single-family home grew from 1,755 square feet in 1978 to 2,679 square feet in 2013, despite a decrease in the size of the average family. However, more recently, homeowners have begun downsizing their living spaces to fund their dreams of working fewer hours, traveling more, being more environmentally conscious or simply living a less stressful, more fulfilling lifestyle.

According to Kathy Samul, a realtor with 25 years experience and a specialist in downsizing, “Individuals looking to downsize should begin by defining what they want in a new home. Your house is one of your largest assets so location is critical. Consider your stage in life. Are you looking for a community close to restaurants and plenty of activities? Should you consider a single-level house or condo for retirement living? Plan to gradually cull your possessions to fit your new space.” An experienced realtor can offer a wealth of knowledge and service providers to help you simplify the process.

Samul also suggests to “regard downsizing as an opportunity to renew and reinvent yourself. Freeing yourself of old possessions, places and routines can provide a sense of liberation and open the door for new relationships and experiences and promotes true wealth.”

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