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Local Massage Expert - Kathy Sistare

Local Massage Expert

Kathy Sistare, LMT

Sistare Center for Wellness, LLC
Manchester, Bolton & South Windsor

How would you summarize your business or services?

I am dedicated to massage and body work as tremendously powerful therapies for healing and optimal health. I have 21 years of full-time experience and I will focus completely on your needs.

What inspired your work in therapeutic massage?

A profound experience as a patient of therapeutic massage changed my life, both physically and emotionally. I wanted to give what I had received to others. This is joyful and vital work: caring, healing and supporting wellness.

What are your areas of specialty and training?

Medical, pregnancy, deep tissue and sports massage; integrated neuromuscular re-education; myofascial release; acupressure, trigger point and energy work.

What can a client expect from your sessions?

A compassionate and intuitive approach; I utilize every minute of allotted time and every technique that helps you. Expect relief from stress, discomfort or pain.

What's most important for readers to know about you?

I give the high-quality therapeutic massage that I would expect to receive.


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