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Five Mistakes That Stop Goals in Their Tracks

Five Mistakes That Stop Goals in Their Tracks

How Not to Make Them!


by Jacqueline M. Kane

Abundance, prosperity, money—whatever it’s called, you probably want more of it and may have spent hours meditating, making positive affirmations, journaling, researching the next strategy or listening to webinar after webinar, like most people struggling and working harder. These and other methods may work to varying degrees. But there are five mistakes that can keep money away from us; if we learn what they are, we can fix them.

Mental: Thinking you need to work harder. This seems like a logical answer to the question of “How do I make more money?” Usually it comes from programming and our belief system learned while growing up. Common socialization is that in order to make money, we have to work hard. It is so ingrained in the subconscious that it remains unquestioned. The truth is: we have a choice. If you believe, “I need to work harder to make more money”, then you will end up having to work hard to meet your income goals for money to show up.

Emotional: Thinking that repeating positive affirmations will be enough to reach your goals without taking strategic action. Many people have seen the movie The Secret and believe that repeating affirmations all day, creating vision boards or journaling is sufficient to achieve their income goals. The problem is that at a deep core level, we probably don’t believe that the goal is achievable, so no matter how many affirmations we repeat consciously, the goal remains out of reach. The subconscious mind will focus all day long on the fact that it doesn’t believe the affirmations.

Moral: Thinking “the economy is to blame” or any excuses outside you as the cause of why you don’t have abundance. It is so much easier to blame the economy for why our income isn’t what we want. The truth is there are some people who thrive in business no matter what the economy is doing. There is no reason you can’t be one of them.

Physical: Thinking “I don’t have time to take care of myself” or “I can’t justify spending money on self-care” (vitamins, organic food, massage, yoga classes, vacation, meditation, etc.) or “I don’t have enough business and money isn’t flowing in.” Physical well-being suffers with too much stress impacting focus and energy levels.

Spiritual: Thinking, “It’s not right to charge for my gifts, ask for money, raise my fees, make a profit or write down goals and take consistent action.” You may have been raised to believe if something comes easy to you, you don’t deserve it or there is something wrong. These beliefs will keep you working harder and struggling.

It is clear that in order to start creating more money in our lives and achieving income goals, there are certain steps that need to be taken for true abundance.

Step 1: Trash Your Negative Mind Chatter It’s a universal law that what we focus on, we attract. Step one is to check in with your mind chatter to declutter any negative thoughts causing the manifestation of what you don’t want: fears, worry, scarcity and limitations.

Awareness of inner self-talk helps us get clear about what we are really thinking daily. Ask yourself, “If my thoughts were food, would they be beneficial to me or would they harm me?” Switch the negative to positive to feed yourself results.

Step 2: Trust Your Intuition Now that you are controlling your mind by clearing out the negative trash thoughts, it becomes easier to hear your intuitive messages—those unexpected ideas, an impulse to call a friend or inspiration that pops into your head.

The more we listen and take inspired action on the idea, impulse or inspiration, the more our life will flow. This will increase your capacity to allow money and abundance to flow into your life with ease.

Step 3: Write Your Goals and Start Manifesting

So you’ve trashed your negative thoughts for clear focus and increased your intuition for action. Writing your goals enables you to start marching forward so you can make faster progress. Manifestation becomes even faster than you expected and life becomes really fun. You have overcome the obstacles that were in your way. Simply create your desired life supported by income goals, and watch the money come to you and the manifestations appear.

Becoming aware of the five mistakes on a daily basis and switching to this three-step process will make it possible to transform your programming, building momentum for focused, strategic actions aligned to life goals and easier manifestations of abundance. Jacqueline M. Kane is the creator of the Healthy Wealthy Success Blueprint for creating a joyful, pain-free life full of energy and financial success. Contact her for a free consultation at

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