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Vibrational Healing Profile: Gemstone Therapy Institute

Vibrational Healing Profile: Gemstone Therapy Institute


263 Main St, Manchester
[email protected]

How would you summarize your business or services?
The Gemstone Therapy Institute offers training in sophisticated ways on how to use gemstones in self-healing and in a healing arts practice. Through live and online classes, retreats and guided meditations, we offer Associate, Practitioner and Advanced certifications in both Gemstone Therapy and Diamond Therapy.

What drew you to health and wellness as a profession?
I’ve been interested in health and wellness since age 15. Life kept pointing me in that direction. The clincher was a near-death experience, which led me back to working with gemstones.

How long have you been practicing?
I learned about gemstone sphere therapy in 1987. It’s my mission and passion to teach others to do the work. Then the most people possible can get the help they need.

What is your particular specialty or niche?
Helping leaders of all kinds to reconnect with their blueprints of health and destiny, so they can serve life to their full capacity.

What should a client expect from a session or series of sessions with you?
Clients tend to feel profoundly relaxed during a session. They get in touch with their inner selves—the part of them that knows. They start listening to this inner wisdom, and their concerns are replaced with new ways of thinking and feeling.

What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about your work?
We practice the highest standards of education, research and professionalism. Our vision is to see gemstones become as popular as herbs as complementary healthcare options.

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