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Wu Healing Center Offers Quantum Energy Treatments

Wu Healing Center Offers Quantum Energy Treatments

Wu Healing Center in West Hartford is now offering one-hour quantum energy healing sessions using Green Rhyme Cell Physiotherapy to improve cell health in patients of Dr. Ming Wu, PhD. The high-tech Green Rhyme Cell Physiotherapy Instrument emits terahertz waves guided with quantum technology that can penetrate the body up to eight to 12 inches. This physiotherapy can activate dormant human cells, repair damaged cells, liquefy abnormal cells, remove free radicals and activate the body’s self-healing power from the inside out.

Quantum Medicine Theory indicates that quantum medicine can achieve a rapid, safe and natural cure, and reverse aging by stimulating the body’s self-healing function. For example, Wu says, a recent patient had a blood clot at the back of his right knee, which immobilized the leg. After 15 minutes of treatment, the blood clot was gone by the next day and the patient could walk again.


Wu, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, practices in several northeast regional locations. He is available for appointments in West Hartford on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

For more information, call 860-606-0578 or visit For appointments, please send a text to 978-790-8888. Location: 45 South Main St, Ste 100, West Hartford. See ad, page 7.


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